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U.S. Coin Stickers (17 Sheets/1361 St...

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LARGE U.S. COIN STICKER SET - Includes 1361 Total Money Stickers - 315 US Quarter Stickers (160 Front/155 Back), 330 Dime Stickers (165 Front/165 Back), 320 Nickel Stickers (160 Front/160 Back), 352 Penny Stickers (176 Front/176 Back), 24 Sacagawea $1 Dollar Coin Stickers (12 Front/12 Back), 20 Kennedy 1/2 Dollar Stickers (10 Front/10 Back)

*** BONUS *** 3 EDUCATIONAL COIN MONEY WORKSHEETS - Includes reproduceable EXCLUSIVE educational worksheets for use with the money stickers in teaching kids about coins: 1) MATCH YOUR COINS, 2) GIVE THE CORRECT CHANGE and 3) KNOW YOUR COINS, all designed to help in your money manipulatives lesson plan.

DURABLE, GLOSSY, PREMIUM, STRONG ADHESIVE – These Glossy Stickers with a special UV Coating have a Strong Adhesive, so unlike competitor's stickers, ours are formulated to stick where you want them to (without the use of added glue or glue sticks). HUGE VALUE, LARGE NUMBER OF COINS - Based on buyer feedback, we give you more coin stickers and a relatively equal amount of each style coin - MORE QUARTER COIN STICKERS than other competitor's sets to ensure you don't run out.

EXACT SIZING AND REALISTIC COLORS – These money stickers use the exact U.S. Mint specifications for size, and they are diecut so that the sticker size is only slightly bigger than the coin image, unlike some competitors who have 1" stickers no matter the size of the coin, leaving you with lots of ugly white sticker around the coin image on smaller coins.

DESIGNED FOR CLASSROOM, HOMESCHOOL OR HOME USE – These were designed with students in mind and are very versatile to fit your teaching style. This US Coin Sticker Set works well for teaching coins, money math, math manipulatives and math games. Designed with same coins on each page to allow for staged learning - introduce the stickers to students as they learn about each coin. These also work well for reward & chore charts & pretend play/store play.

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